Gufax Real Life Scheme

What is Gufax Real Life Scheme?

Gufax Real Life Scheme is one of our newest programs, designed for low income earners who desire to acquire household items or gadgets. You purchase any item of your choice, Gufax pays for the item, and you leave with a smile. Its that simple.

How Does It Work?

Simply open an account with a minimum deposit of Five thousand naira (N5, 000.00 and) save up to 30% of the cost of the desired item(s) and you can be the proud owner of that long desired plasma TV or Generator!



Flexible repayment plan

Tenor of 3 - 18 months

Competitive interest rate

Freedom to choose item

Insurance cover on all items


How to Sign Up

You can send us an instant mail through our website, or email

You can also walk into our head office or any of our branches and talk to our staff.

With Gufax, you are bound to smile.

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