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Individual Current/Corporate Account


Our strong investment policy, built on consistent performance and integrity is good complement for your current account.

We offer you unbeatable account services including instant Alerts and ATM cards to enable you access your funds anywhere you are.


Account Details

Gufax Riders Account


This account enables you to own a TRICYCLE! Repayment is done daily for not more than six (6) months after which you have an option of buying another TRICYCLE on the completion of the first loan.

Gufax Traders benefit account


This is designed for traders who intend to expand their businesses and desire to have a regular restock of their stores. You only need to open an account with us with just Two thousand naira (N2, 000.00) and make daily savings up to 50% of the amount needed for your restock.

  • Easily meet your immediate needs
  • Very flexible pay back options




Gufax Real Life Scheme


Designed to help you acquire any household item of your choice. Simply open an account with a minimum deposit of Five thousand naira (N5, 000.00 and) save up to 30% of the cost of the desired item(s) and you can be the proud owner of that long desired plasma TV or Generator!.

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