We make our banking services work for you.

We understand the uniqueness of each customer, and so we ensure that our banking services are tailored to suit your very need.


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Gufax ATM

We offer you global access to our services. With your Gufax ATM card, you can bank with us wherever you go.

Gufax Real Life Scheme

You can now have all you need, when youn need it. You buy anything, and we pay for it.

Thats life at your beck and call, brought to you via Gufax Real Life Scheme

Gufax Traders Account

Designed for traders who intend to expand their businesses and desire to have a regular restock of their stores.


Testimonials - from smiling customers Our Services

I hardly believed they came down to the village market just to see my business... Gufax truly care about their customers"

Lucy, Head of Itu Fresh Fish Sellers Association

"My little business is fast expanding due to the support I receive from Gufax (MF) Bank. These people are truly different"

Fishing Material Seller

"I got a loan without stress and their payment options are very flexible. This is really good for my business"

Eka Etina,
Sea Food Seller

Gufax (MF) Bank offers customized and extremely flexible services to suit every customer. Our services cuts across borders to suit you irrespective of the scale of your business. We offer the following services

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Gufax Savings Account
Gufax Current Account
Gufax Traders Benefit Account
Car Acquisition Scheme
Gufax Riders Account
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